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Anyone who knows Phantom Effects knows we love our hometown and support building a strong, energetic community. We encourage fun times, elevated experiences, art and redefining our history into a vibrant future.

On this page we would like to share with you some ideas of what to do and where to go while you're visiting our town. If you're coming from another community and want to enjoy the very best of Kentville, be sure to check out these spaces and places to make your stay a more memorable one.
airbnb - Kentville Vacations & Homes
Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent out their homes with people who are looking for accommodations in that locale. Kentville and surrounding areas are filled with great opoortunities for you to make a nice fall staycation. Click the image to find out more information about the local listings.
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Miners Marsh Trail
An The Kentville Ducks Unlimited Site, known in town as “Miners Marsh”, is a stunningly beautiful area in a wetland habitat. It’s home to a variety and abundance of wildlife, and since the site is complete with viewing stands, picnic tables, and interpretive signage, it’s an ideal location for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. This protected site includes 1.7 km of maintained trail. 

Access Miners Marsh from the parking area behind the Law Courts building on Cornwallis Street (81 Cornwallis Street).
The Gorge
An First developed in 1930, the Gorge is part of a 64.5-acre natural woodland. It has awesome trails for mountain biking, and beautiful trails for walking and hiking in the summer and fall. 

Parking, site maps, a picnic shelter, skills park, and bike repair station greet you as you enter the park off the main trailhead on Gladys Porter Drive. You can also enter the park via the Grant Street entrance, which is a foot path.
The Ravine Trail
An First Imagine losing yourself in nature among hemlock growth over 250 years old. It’s a wonderfully restorative experience! The Ravine Trail winds along and over the stream towards the waterfall. Families, check out the Kentville Ravine Adventure—the games, information and activities are sure to transform your walk around the Ravine into an adventure!

You can access the trail at 32 Main Street, at the top of the Research Station Property. Head up the hill, past the Research Station and its parking lot, following signs to the picnic area. At the picnic shelter you’ll see the trail that leads you to down into the Ravine.
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OCTOBER 2 - 29, 2022
Visit Kentville in October to experience the magic of the Pumpkin People. You never know what kind of silly antics you’ll see these gourd-headed guys getting up to!
The Pumpkin People theme is the Animal Kingdom, and it's sure to be a roar for the whole family! Visit Kentville in October to see all 300 pumpkin heads for yourself! 
Stroll around the historic town of Kentville and visit these beautiful works of art that have been created over the years for the public to enjoy. 
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Jaimie Peerless & Phantom Effects from Kentville painted this beautiful and interactive mural over the first COVID shut down (2020). Check it out at inside the Kentville Centennial Arena on Webster Street.
This beautiful mural can be found in the front of the Main Street Station, it was painted during the Apple Blossom Festival 2019, as a part of the Maritime Express Cider party. Painted by Trackside Studios, Halifax.
This historical mural of the Dominion Atlantic Railroad can be found at Station Lane, Kentville. Painted by local artist, Edwin Hollett (2018).
Another COVID Mural located in the Centennial Arena on Webster Street. Painted by the charismatic Gerald Little, who also works for the town of Kentville and is the creative mastermind behind the pumpkin people displays.
Kentville’s Memory Lane painted by Edwin Hollett (2017). You can find this piece on the opposite side of the warehouse wall showing the train station. The mural depicts Kentville as it was at various times over the past 150 or so years. The mural has 15 panels with 23 scenes of old-time Kentville; most of the scenes show buildings that have long since vanished. 
The first mural that Phantom Effects created (2018) was part of the rejuvenation of the Main Street Station (formerly the Cornwallis Inn). Walk into the Mezzanine area and look up to see this beautiful cloud ceiling in the newly renovated and historically restored space. Be sure to grab a local cider from Maritime Express while you visit.
Created by local artist Miyoshi Kondo. The painting is displayed on the wall of D.M. Reid Jewellers facing Centre Square (2018), where the town’s Farmers Market and other events during Apple Blossom, the Multicultural Fair gather.
2021 Kentville Mural Festival Additions
The above mural was created by Jaimie Peerless from Phantom Effects and can be found around back of the Main Street Station. The pant suit mural (upper right) was painted by Celine Gabrielle on the wall of 3C Wealth 366 Main Street. The mural installation of flowers (direct right) was completed by Ellen Cere; this piece can be found on the side of the public pool 125 Main Street.
... More 2021 Mural Festival Additions 
The above mural was created by Halifax artist Sarah Cannon; her artwork can be found on 17 Leverett Avenue. The Indingenous piece (upper left) was painted by Mi’kmaw artist Lorne Julien frm Millbrook. This mural can be found at the entrance of Centre Square, 381 Main Street. The wave (direct left) was completed by Halifax artist Paloma Dawkins and can be found in an alley of Centre Square, 373 Main Street.
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Wickwire House Bed & Breakfast
An historical, award-winning Bed & Breakfast in Kentville. This place is rich in history and staying here will flash you back to the charm and character of the 1800's. The Phantom actually moved from BC to this property back in 1994 where his family renovated and restored this home to emphasize it's glory and stature within the town. They sold the Wickwire House in 2005.
Local Events
Each year the town of Kentville, local businesses and the Kentville Business Community offer a wide variety of Fall events to compliment our charming and historic town. 

This place is Phan Freaking Tastic, and we encourage everyone to experience everything that our little hometown has to offer. Maybe you'll love it as much as we do and come back soon. 
2022 Kentville Mural Festival Additions
The above mural was created by Sarah Mosher, Monique Silver, Cameryn Mattie and can be found at 441 Main Street behind Tan Cafe. The Matthew Cupido piece (far right) was painted by Jaimie Peerless along with her husband and their team from the Phantom's FreakShow in the alley 373 Main Street. 274 Main Street you will find a train mural by grafiti artist Justin Donald Fraser-Fong (bottom left). Kristen De Palma created a graphic illustration to promote Kentville (bottom middle). Jason Skinner, along with two students for Horton created the animal mural in the alley of 395 Main Street (bottom right).
Bryan Gibson Mural Installation
After 2 plus years of planning, and a lot of help from the community, Jaimie Peerless was pleased to announce the celebration and reveal of her mural which honours the illustrious life and boxing career of local hero Bryan Gibson (Olympian, Coach, and Referee). Erected May 24th, 2022 in the Kentville Public Gardens. The 12 x 24 foot installation can be found on the West facing wall of the Kings Arms Pub by Lew Murphy's (390 Main Street). 

Alan Syliboy Installation
(direct left) Little Thunder and the Stone Canoe 8 x 10 print was installed on the side of the Kings County Museum December 16th, 2021.
The Kentville Skate Park
Kentville’s new skatepark is an exciting way for skaters, scooters, and wheelers to to have fun, test themselves, and develop new skills. Rails, ramps, and the local “Gremlin” feature come together in this professionally-designed park. The park is open for all ages and abilities from dawn to dusk year round—helmets are mandatory at all times.

Located at 54 Gary Pearl Drive (across the Street from KCA School, beside the Credit Union Rec Complex). Access the park from the Harvest Moon Trail via a short connecting foot path.
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