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We hope that this page helps you answer some of those burning questions.
How do we find you? / Where should we park? / How do we navigate around the one way streets in Kentville?
Look no further, below you will find a handy town map that highlights Main Street Station, The Phantom's FreakShow entrance and the flow of traffic (see little arrows on the streets). The best place to get a parking spot is behind the Rec Centre and Town Hall, across the street from our castle! You can also get good parking in Centre Square.
How long does it take to go through?
Our haunt is 11 different rooms this year in a 5000 square foot basement. It's difficult to time how long it will take to go through. If you're running it's 5 minutes, if you go at the pace we recommend and enjoy the work involved and the characters, it's 13 minutes (maybe more).
How many people can go through at a time? 
We are very strict on this rule, it's a maximum of 3, no more! Larger groups are prohibited due to COVID-19. However, our haunt has always restricted the number of people allowed in. We spend a great deal of time and money to create this haunted attraction and larger groups are straight up, destructive when they're scared! Plus if you're the type who wants to get what you paid for, then you are going to want the scare, not see the people 5 bodies ahead get it. We pride ourselves on providing an intimate encounter. Just go with it, you'll have a scream!
Can I pre-purchase tickets online, or make reservations? 
We do not have the ability to sell tickets online, nor do we allow for reservations. It is a first come first serve offer. You will stand in one of two lineups and pay at the door. We accept cash and prefer this as the mode of payment. And yes, we have UV lights to clean your filthy cash!!! The town of Kentville has 4 banks around the block if you need one.
How much does it cost? 
This year there is two lineups. The first one is your regular admission ($15 adult / $12 child under 10) and the second line up is for a fast pass which is $25... A fast pass says that you skip the line, but you really don't, it's a 3 to 1 ratio and we have a door man (who's a trained killer) to keep track, so no fighting!
What are the dates and times? 
I think that if you found your way to our website, you might be able to click on the home page to find the most important information (insert sarcasm here). 
Can my kid volunteer? 
Maybe! We currently have a group of a very solid crew of haunteers which have been with us for many years (60 people to be exact). Most of our peeps are adults and come from various professional backgrounds. We have limited spaces and costumes for small children, but you think your kid was meant to do this, give us a shout and tell us more. It can't hurt to have them added to a list for backups.

Our roles are given to the best haunteer that meets the right fit and personality to sell the scare / room. You also have to follow direction and work well with a team. 
Where do I shop, eat or stay? 
Sounds like you need to check out this page...